About The Author


I'm so glad you decided to stop by for conversation at the threadbare couch.

This venue has morphed from "the big red couch" to its current threadbare condition. There are tea stains and worn pillows and bent paperbacks.

And there's you.

I am Elizabeth Glass Turner, and this is my couch. I am a writer - you'll find my publications sprinkled around the web, and on crumpled-up napkins at the bottom of my purse. With an M.A. in Theological Studies, a knack for getting confectioner's sugar in the knife drawer when I bake, a sweet husband and a round-cheeked toddling boy, and a baby girl, my cup runneth over.

Currently, I provide freelance copy for various clients, I have an essay in the  volume "The Philosophy of Sherlock Holmes." I have written for Good News magazine, Asbury Theological Seminary, Cengage Learning, Lynne Marian: Strategic Communications, Demand Media, and several websites.

I am the shepherd of a bustling, rural frontier Methodist church that sits a couple blocks away from a square brick structure where Bonnie (of "..and Clyde" fame) once spent the night. It now houses stray dogs.

Graze the hors d'oeuvres, or put up your feet and stay a while. There are probably cookies around here somewhere.

To inquire about freelance writing and editing services or speaking engagements, contact elizabethglassturner (at) gmail (dot) com.