Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sac-a-Burger and Daleks

I have become resident of two places since last posting here (eons ago): small-town Texas and a TARDIS.

It's been a whirlwind of Sac-a-Burger and Daleks, new faces and new species, cardboard and sonic screwdrivers.

First United Methodist Church of Kemp has a new pastor: yep, that's me.

And the Doctor has two avid fans - well, three really. John and I have been traveling space and time on a regular basis as we catch up on Dr. Who, and Jack rocks and bounces excitedly every time the theme music starts up. Of course, he does that to his favorite Geico commercial, too.

The dust is settling - we have more empty boxes than full, the stove has been toddler-proofed, I finally know how to unlock the front door of the church, and I know almost everyone's name.

The dust is flying - there are still boxes waiting, Jack's arms keeping getting longer and reaching new things, I'm still navigating the huge bunch of unlabeled keys, and shut-in's await visits...

But we feel at home. After a long, long journey, we are settling, and perhaps that's why we love watching the Doctor travel. We know newness and familiarity, we know homesickness and hearth contentment, we know the brazen allure of horizons and the traveling bug and we know the good warmth of an old kettle on the stove.

Pilgrims - every one of us. Finding our way, whether homeless and alone, or lifelong residents surrounded by community. 

Still - it'd be quicker to open the front door of the church if I had a sonic screwdriver...

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is about church doors - I've known so many finicky ones. After 8 years here, I still dreaded trying to get in the front door of the church. You have to jiggle the lock just right....frustrating....
Love you, Mom