Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Day of MotherJoy

For me, Mother's Day feels - yes, partly a day to be celebrated and appreciated. But mostly, and especially this year, Mother's Day for me is a time to reflect and give thanks. A day to relish being a mother, to think about the profound change wrought in my life by bringing forth a new life.

I love being a Mother. I was 28, barely, when I got married; a year and a half later, we learned we were expecting. Becoming a mother was something I'd thought about, pondered, kept in my heart.

It is everything and more.

This Mother's Day weekend, I celebrate my mother; my grandmothers; my mother-in-law; I celebrate women who have a newborn, a toddler; those who are single moms, moms of three children, moms who have lost children; aunts, godmothers, honorary aunts. But mostly, I celebrate being a mother.


vanilla said...

When Jack was born, a Mother was born; and you are right to celebrate that!

Elizabeth Turner said...

I should also mention:

*Jack completely flipped out when we presented the birthday cake and everyone looked at him and started singing to him.

*The birthday cake was a banana split bombe ice cream cake from a recipe on Truly amazing. Very heavy. Took many people a week to eat it. Jack leaned his head down and started eating it off the tray like a dog.

*The author-book signing photo is me, a squirming Jack attempting to escape, and Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond. Jack and I got early wristbands and were in line for three hours. He made lots of friends with the ladies in front of us and behind us.

Elizabeth Turner said...

PS: besides the first video, all these photos and videos have been taken since last July. Jack has grown immensely, and while he is now 17 months old, he has been wearing 24 month clothing since Christmas and just started into some 3's. His Papaw has grand visions of an NBA future.