Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Day of MotherJoy

For me, Mother's Day feels - yes, partly a day to be celebrated and appreciated. But mostly, and especially this year, Mother's Day for me is a time to reflect and give thanks. A day to relish being a mother, to think about the profound change wrought in my life by bringing forth a new life.

I love being a Mother. I was 28, barely, when I got married; a year and a half later, we learned we were expecting. Becoming a mother was something I'd thought about, pondered, kept in my heart.

It is everything and more.

This Mother's Day weekend, I celebrate my mother; my grandmothers; my mother-in-law; I celebrate women who have a newborn, a toddler; those who are single moms, moms of three children, moms who have lost children; aunts, godmothers, honorary aunts. But mostly, I celebrate being a mother.