Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's Up, Slovenia?!?

According to my Deluxe Radar, I've had four visitors from Slovenia this week.


Sorry, I just wanted to make sure you could hear me. There are a lot of miles between North America and Slovenia, after all.

In other news, the dogs are still missing.

In additional other news, and to be honest, as a new parent, I may have said this already but I don't remember and I'm too tired to check, you may be wondering "why all the giveaways? doesn't she ever check her archives and notice she used to write all the time?"

Um, hello. New parent. Still trying not to forget the baby in the car.
And trying not to forget more infant Tylenol, because he's sprouting teeth every other day.
And trying not to forget to brush my own teeth, speaking of teeth.

Be that as it may, I Heart Giving Giveaways, for a few reasons.
1) I've been laid off for like 3,000 years. Giving anything to anyone feels great. 
2) Everyone else has been laid off for like 3,000 years. Supporting their businesses feels great.
3) Everyone's brother has been laid off for like 3,000 years. Giving them an opportunity to win something - for themselves, for someone else, as a gift - feels great.
4) I love chatting with Etsy shop owners. HA! Had a pattern going, threw a curveball, didn't I? They are kind, quirky, interesting, hilarious people.

Speaking of curveballs.
Did you SEE the World Series opener last night? I did. Husband's from Texas, you know. Support them Rangers.
What. A. Fiasco. Disaster. Mess.

The 5th Inning was the Inning That Wouldn't End. Being Henry VIII's wife sentenced to a beheading with a butterknife would have been less drawn-out and tortuous. 

And then there was the interesting line-up of pitchers from San Fran:
*Emo-guy: the David Bazan of the Major Leagues
*Bearded guy: he makes me want to stroll through a bazaar and drink Turkish coffee
*Faux bearded guy: he told a reporter he doesn't dye it. I can only assume sarcasm.

Hopefully, the Rangers will rally tonight. But the execs at Fox and Lifetime don't consult the small sliver of overlapping demographic Venn diagram that is me: 

The viewer who wishes she didn't have to choose whether to DVR the World Series or the season finale of Project Runway. Wow. What if Heidi Klum appeared at the end of the Series and "auf wiedersehn"-ed the losers? Or, OR, what if, for the final game, the Giants and the Rangers had to create a day and evening look for a mystery celebrity?

It's been a long week.


Emily said...

Clearly, you have taken up residence in Crazytown.

p.s. My word verification is "essnesfo."

Anonymous said...

Sleep deprivation, Emily .... just wait :) .... Bitty's mom
(my verification word is catethuf!)