Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Real Estate...In An Oak?

I ran across a few great headlines over at my friend Steve's site, www.thunderstruck.org, and, like the loving hostess I am, thought I should pass around a plate of them. Here. Have a cracker with goat cheese and dill - and an interesting headline.

Mmmm. Goat cheese and dill. That Pioneer Woman!

ANYway, to start things off, check out this story from the Wall Street Journal about upscale tree houses.

Oh no! This Newsweek article wonders if the economy is bringing about the death of the liberal arts. Perhaps in mainstream education the liberal arts are waning, but I'm also willing to guess that perhaps layoffs are encouraging people to branch out into skills they might otherwise shelve - like graphic design, or writing, or music.

Speaking of the liberal arts, check out this "Beautiful Mourning" blurb about a museum exhibit of medieval tomb sculptures. I would like a willow tree on my tombstone, because of its classical symbolism. (Anyone else think of those wretched commercials just now for frozen pizza - "What do you want on your tombstone?" menacingly growled, followed by the victim of an execution dreamily responding "pepperoni"?)

Oh, willow trees. How I want to plant you everywhere. Perhaps I'll write an ode to willows soon. There was an elegant, stately willow in my childhood back yard. It was a great deal of fun. Maybe it was an ent. That would explain a few things.

On a serious note, visit this page to read my piece about porn and violence against women. You can also read about my friend's outreach booth at...ahem...Adult Con. A lot of good came from that ministry kiosk, and I admire this group's moxie. That's all I have to say about that.

Except it's not. It never is. This month is National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. The majority of sex crimes go unreported. Please - if you have been assaulted, or if (God forbid) you ever are, report it. Help bring criminals to conviction. At the least, the DNA you provide from your assailant's evidence could show that serial assaults are happening. Go to your local Emergency Room. The nurses will be kind and discreet, and any news report will not include your name: assault victims are kept confidential. If it happened in the past and any exams or evidence are impossible, at least report it to the police. It will help give a more accurate picture about what's happening in the community - and most likely, they already have some suspected criminals. In fact, what you describe could match what five other women have also described. You can request a female officer to talk to. Just do it, and help protect your sisters.

Anyway, on a completely different topic, the next on the platter of story h'ors doevres is this unnecessary fiasco about a juvenile's contribution to a local faith-based art display on the Stations of the Cross. Okay, when you read about the local community context, it's evident that some people were concerned. But I actually think that the interpretive photograph was just fine.

Homeschooled kids. Always getting into mischief with their original thinking.

Well, the robins are out pecking away at errant worms, and trees are bursting into bloom. Main Street looks like the trees have been wound in fluffy pink cotton candy.

Eeyore's interpretation of this would mention that pollen counts are through the roof, and that everyone I know is talking about allergy medicine.

But spring is spring, whether or not I sneeze. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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