Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whatever Happened to Tin Type?

Sweet husband with $5 worth of Florida blueberries. $5 buys like one blueberry in Kentucky. We picked these.

Sweet husband's birthday party included his quick study of magic tricks.

One morning at camp, mist clouded the area. The 100+ temp quickly burnt it off.

My nephew sometimes wears pensive, thoughtful expressions.

This nephew bounds up and squeaks "cheeeeese!" every time I handle a camera.

My father in law takes a break from packing the U-HAUL he drove from Texas.

So I thought the lightbulbs in the lamp were covered. A burnt Kleenex box later, I discovered they were not. Almost burn down campmeeting? Check.

A lizard perched on an exterior wall. Yes, I touched a lizard. Yes, I didn't know they jump. Yes, I jumped too. Onto a bench. After screaming.

I heart nephew's JC Penney pose: legs crossed, engaging smile. 

Sweet Husband with nephews. He always looks relaxed around tots. This bodes well.

"Who's the most beautiful mommy in the world?"  "You are!!!" yell the hairbrush-wielding nephews. They bestowed adorable kisses - but never in front of the camera.

Father in law and Grandma at Sweet Husband's party. They played lots of dominoes that week.

World's best mother in law with squirmy, squirmy (did I mention squirmy?) youngsters.

The youth choir sings at an evening service. I like open air tabernacles. The only place you ever use the word tabernacle? Old Testaments studies and holiness campgrounds.

The soaring trees of Bethlehem Family Camp.


vanilla said...

Thanks. Sweet memories of open-air tabernacles and family gathering. Great pictures, evoking nostalgia within as I vicariously share the joy of your "camp meeting." ;)

auntycarol said...

Sadly, the Wesleyan Campgrounds here is being sold. Most likely this year or next year will be the last camp.
My grandparents came up to Frankfort to camp (when it was Pilgrim) many decades ago. My mother also roamed (and got lost)on the campgrounds as a child. :(

I lived for about a year on a campground with the interesting name of "Singing Hill" that had an open tabernacle when I was about 6. I would have to head over to the tabernacle to practice on the old upright piano there. The very best part were the rows of doodlebug (antlion) "funnels" that lined the sandy outer edges of the sides of the tabernacle.

Bob said...

I remember the Fairmount Campgrounds, just outside Fairmount, Indiana, (south of Marion) and the open air tabernacle there. And then the Frankfort church campgrounds in Frankfort, Indiana. Last I heard though, they sealed the windows and put in air-conditioning there. Too bad. I looked forward to the funeral home fans as a kid. (cardstock printed funeral home ads on wooden sticks)