Monday, April 20, 2009

Why I Like McCann's Irish Oatmeal

Today on our show we will be featuring a new favorite product: McCann's Irish Oatmeal. We will interview McCann's enthusiast Elizabeth to find out more about why she loves McCann's.
So, Elizabeth, the Big Red Couch is curious: why do you like McCann's Irish Oatmeal?

Me: Well, I'd seen it at the store several times but never purchased it because it seemed a little pricey. I like oatmeal and I like foreign foods and I love all things Scottish, Irish and English, so I was eager to see what it's like. When I found it on clearance at Wal-Mart recently, bam-o! I slam-dunked it into my cart. (Did you know Southerners call shopping carts "buggies"? It was super confusing when I went to the store with a friend and she said we needed a "buggy".)

What did you discover about Irish Oatmeal?

Me:I love it! It's ready in 5 minutes - either stovetop or microwave - and it's really filling; I'm not hungry soon afterwards. It makes instant oatmeal look like water. Also, the texture is different - like a blend between oatmeal and grits. This is because they don't press it flat. So it looks different than, say, Quaker Oats. A cool fact about McCann's is that it was started in 1800. That's over two hundred years ago!!

What do you eat with it?
I sweeten it with a little bit of brown sugar and pour some milk over it. I could add berries if I wanted to, but it's actually really good by itself.

What's the flavor of McCann's like?

Difficult to describe. It's...heartier and more flavorful than the oatmeal you're used to. I think it's probably because oats from all over are incorporated into typical oatmeal, but McCann's is from one specific location, as this map of Ireland shows. Actually, it makes instant oatmeal, or even quick oats, seem tasteless and like glue. McCann's steel cut oatmeal has a distinct grainy, nutty flavor. I like to think it tastes like Ireland!

Where do you find McCann's Irish Oatmeal?

I suspect it's available at a lot of places. At Wal-Mart or Kroger's, it'd be with the rest of the oatmeal. At Meijer's, it's in the internation
al food aisle. It's probably at Whole Foods and venues like that, as well.

Have you ever paired McCann's Irish Oatmeal with Irish Breakfast tea, for a taste and cultural morning bonanza?

Why yes, Big Red Couch, I have. Just the other day I enjoyed a cup of River Shannon Irish Breakfast tea with my Irish oatmeal. It was delicious, nuanced, and savory.

Anything else you'd like to say about your new favorite product?

Well, there are obvious health benefits from eating oatmeal regularly - its fiber, the way it helps regulate cholesterol, how it's not a high-fat breakfast. It helps remind you that back in the day, foods that were good for you were also...good. I think a lot of "health" foods specially marketed these days are bland and disgusting - but that's because a lot of flavor is removed when fat or calories are removed. With McCann's Irish Oatmeal, it's distinctly flavorful, but it also really makes me feel good the rest of the day. One serving is kind of small, so often I make two servings, but the canister is lasting me quite a while. Another way to enjoy McCann's Irish Oatmeal? Just Google "Irish oatmeal recipes." Mmmm.

Well, folks, that's the word from one happy oatmealer.
You can enjoy more information about this classic starter to a good day at McCann's Irish Oatmeal. While I simply followed the directions for McCann's Irish Oatmeal (steel-cut), here are additional ways of preparing this lovely treat.


Carrie said...

Yum! I love oatmeal! Add some cinnamon and raisins and I'm good!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me, too. Next time I am at the store, will try to find some. Grandma G.

Anonymous said...

You should get paid for your avertizing this product


Unknown said...

Your posts are hilarious. I don't understand why they are hundreds of comments, and fans clamoring for more, more, more. And your new header is nice. Way to go, Big Red Couch.

Bob said...

Sissy, sometimes you are just silly, yeppers, just silly. And I know you enjoy being just silly, not that you aren't serious about your Irish Oatmeal, just being silly about it.--daddy

Anonymous said...

Found your McCann's Irish oatmeal. I will cook about three pieces of oatmeal at a time. At Meijers, it was over $6.00 a can.

Grandpa Glass

Anonymous said...

I think I will skip the monk coffee


Elizabeth Turner said...

It's true that McCann's is more expensive than Quaker or generic oats. But I eat it as a meal in itself, and the canister is lasting quite a while.

So compared, say, to getting one fast food meal for six dollars, or a bunch of meals from one canister, it's a good buy :) Compared to other oatmeal, it's quite pricey. But it's a lot more filling than other oatmeal, too.

Kimberly said...

We 1st started eating steel-cut oats after hearing Oprah talkin about it (of course she knows everything!) We love it...The bulk section at Whole Foods has the best/cheapest price anywhere!

Leah said...

Hi there!

So glad to see everyone enjoying steel cuts. I am with McCann's and just wanted to let everyone know that we are glad to see such enthusiasm over our oats!

If anyone is interested in more recipes or shortcuts to cooking steel cuts, check out our website!

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