Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't Blink

As my old Sunday School teacher used to say about her tiny midwestern hamlet, "don't blink or you'll miss it."

For my usually verbose self, here's introducing a quick, drive-by, don't blink or you'll miss it post. Hats off to Maryanne McDaniel.

First, let's have a round of applause for Alfred Hitchcock. When's the last time you watched an old episode? They're fascinating - and the first one that came on today? Who was in it, but Aunt Bee! And the second one? Who was in it, but a very, very young Cloris Leachman! And talk about mastering dark humor - I made a big omission when I accidentally left Alfred Hitchcock off my Lunch List.

Now, I thought you'd like to know, as I type this, that my hands itch. It's true. After a decade of living almost completely allergy-induced, hive-free....theeeey're baaaaack. Yep. Swollen fingers. Itchy hives. Only Benedryl helps so far. And only Benedryl acts like a hammer to my head, knocking me out like an express train to the brain.

If that's not food for thought, consider this: adopted dogs are the best. I'm not saying every dog in a shelter is the right dog for you - although if you visit a shelter, it'll be hard not to want to take every one of them home with you. But I guarantee in you're in the market for a dog, if you're patient, you'll find just the right one, and save it from being euthanized. And right now is a great time to do it, because shelters are flooded with "foreclosure" pets - pets that have been the casualties of people losing their homes. Dogs contribute to mental health, help prevent or alleviate depression, and are the best old-fashioned alarm system. And they're always - always - happy to see you!

Three cheers for one my advertisers, I saw: I joined: I triumphed. Do you have some old books, movies, or cds that you wish you could swap for a book you've been wanting, or a movie, or a cd? Join Swaptree. I'm quite excited.

Last but not least, write to someone shut in. It's spring: everyone wants to be out and about. But a friend of mine from college - she's under 30 - recently had, of all things, a stroke. She's had a couple brain surgeries, and has slowly been attempting to recuperate. Therapists are working with her to increase mobility and speech. After several weeks, she just said her first words the other day. And she's moving to a new rehab center soon. There's a website set up for her, where you can write on her guestbook, which is read to her every night. There are a lot of serious or inspirational messages left, but the other day I decided to leave a funny note of stupid things I've done (I couldn't think of any jokes). I got a sweet message back saying she laughed until she cried. And it reminded me that there are a lot of people - in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement centers, or rehab centers - who can use a bit of spring sunshine brought their way. And hey - if you've been laid off and haven't found a new job yet, what better way to redeem the time?

Well, I better scuttle, or I'll let you down on my promise to keep this short.

Keep laughing - and help others laugh, too.

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