Monday, February 23, 2009


I had to use a typewriter the other, to fill in a form at work.

It was both pleasing and agitating. I learned to type on a typewriter. The very same model I used the other day, in fact. It feels quite productive to sit and hear your words hammered out the way a blacksmith is able to ring out his labor in ear-thrilling echoes.

On the other hand, though I'm a good typist, I was embarrassed at myself for needing the corrective tape so frequently: Microsoft Word has spoiled me.

In other words, this is not the only place I write. I write at home, and I write at work, and sometimes I don't write, but I do type on a typewriter. (Have you ever typed on a manual typewriter? Now that is the verbal extension of a blacksmith: rather like driving without power steering.)

Here is a sheaf of pages I've written elsewhere - sans the copyright form I rat-a-tat-tatted out on the Smith Corona XE1950.

Self-Denial in a Recession: Observing Lent During Lean Economic Times, by Elizabeth Glass-Turner. (It is also on the homepage, under the "Lent" section.)

Mercy Ministries: Healing Hospitality. An interview with Nancy Alcorn, by Elizabeth Glass-Turner.

From Eden to the New Jerusalem: An interview with Dr. Sandra Richter, by Elizabeth Glass-Turner.

Gifted Leads the Way: A review of Nancy Beach's new book, by Elizabeth Glass-Turner.

Handcrafted Hope, by Elizabeth Glass-Turner

To order hard copies of the magazines featuring these interviews, articles, and more, call 1-800-487-7784.


Bob said...

re: Dr. Who... the current Doctor is leaving at the end of this 2009 year, although he'll do 4episodes for 2010 and of course, he'll reincarnate as a much nerdier and younger version (a 23 year old I think). And about that scarf, it was usually 13 feet long, although during 2 stretches of episodes, it was 20 feet long at the beginning and 24 by the time the season was over. You can look up the color schemes and patterns if you google Dr. Who's scarf.

vanilla said...

"Manual typewriter" would have been an oxymoron when I learned to type, as all typewriters were manual. I own, to this day, a Royal Portable. (Manual, of course.)

Anonymous said...

These are all great articles, Sissy - well worth reading. I'm going to use the first one as a jumping-off point for tomorrow's prayer meeting devotional (Ash Wednesday). Your comment about Job's friends intrigued me - it was very thought-provoking.....Much love (and I'm very proud of you), Mom