Thursday, February 12, 2009

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"Up" could elevate animated movies with its serious story

Well, that's different...if you want a stretch after winter hibernation, try Christian yoga with Northern Exposure's Janine Turner.

Two satellites collide 500 miles over Siberia - but then, is there anyone in Siberia to have seen it?

Contemporary wedding video shot in grainy black and white 8 mm

Vatican to discuss intelligent design. Maybe they liked Ben Stein's tennis shoes in "Expelled."

Egypt unveils ancient mummy, part of new discovery

The attack of the machines: from "First Things"

Spielberg may get "Lincoln" into theaters this year, in time for Abe's Bicentennial birthday.

AHOY: the U.S. Navy captured some pirates.

The Church of England is finally moving forward on plans for women bishops.

Coolest site ever...presenting classic Beatles - with the ukulele.

This could intensify church splits...Arkansas House ok's bill allowing guns in churches

Letterman couldn't pass up the opportunity to rib a strange, strange Joaquin Phoenix.

Saudi Arabia says only mosques are allowed in the country. At least they're not being dogmatic.

Bloom County is finally getting republished...

Well, we all are getting tired of lower gas prices, so President Obama is blocking offshore drilling to hike them again.

Whether Father Tim from "Mitford" or Father Peter from "Ballykissangel," clergy know fatigue well...check out the rested leader.

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vanilla said...

“We live in a world that celebrates work and activity, ignores renewal and recovery, and fails to recognize that both are necessary for sustained high performance,”

Yes, I started some time ago "periodically disengaging." Liked it so much I switched to "periodically engaging;" then inevitably to totally disengaged. [see mickey dee motto]