Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Homing Pigeons

I have a secret.

It's about pigeons.

For several years now, my heart has yearned for a homing pigeon. A pigeon to carry messages to all my friends and family. A pigeon of my own.

Cruel compatriots informed me that carrier pigeons are extinct. I refused to believe.

And then I saw this:
Pigeon trainer from WWII dies

Here's my theory: if the United States was using a bona fide pigeoneer in World War II - and the country was battling off the Nazi falcons attacking the U.S. pigeons (read the article, I'm not kidding) - then isn't it reasonable to suspect that the CIA is still using homing pigeons?

Now, it's true, I make this argument so that I can hold out hope that one day, chums can install stoops outside their kitchen windows to receive my homing pigeon. They will allow it to perch on their hands, while unwinding the tiny message on lightweight paper from its leg. "Come over for spaghetti. I'm making homemade sauce" will be scribbled inside. "I'll bring salad," they'll respond.

So this year, Santa, you can keep your world peace. I'll take one homing pigeon, please.


vanilla said...

I believe the carrier pigeon is extinct. But the homing pigeon lives, and I'm pretty sure that if you are serious about keeping such that there are aficianados out there who would put you on the right track.

btw, the cranberry jam/jelly is an intriguing notion. There is a recipe for currant jelly in the Sure-Jell packet. Given the propinquity to the cranberry on the sourness scale that might work.
Watch the vanilla.

Anonymous said...

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia (which may or may not be accurate - I'm fairly certain that there used to be a distinct carrier pigeon)...
The homing pigeon is a variety of domesticated Rock Pigeon (Columba livia domestica) that has been selectively bred to be able to find its way home over extremely long distances.[1] The wild rock pigeon has an innate homing ability,[2] meaning that it will generally return to its own nest and its own mate. This made it relatively easy to breed from the birds that repeatedly found their way home over long distances. Flights as long as 1800 kilometers have been recorded by birds in competition pigeon racing.[3] Their average flying speed over moderate distances is around 48 km/h (30 mph), but they can achieve bursts of speed up to about 95 km/h (59 mph).[4]

Homing pigeons are called carrier pigeons when they are used to carry messages. This is possible where a message is written on thin light paper (such as cigarette paper) and rolled into a small tube attached to the bird's leg; this is called pigeon post. White homing pigeons are used in Release Dove ceremonies at weddings, funerals, and some sporting events.
.......By the way, when I put homing pigeon in my search engine, one of the responses was from e-bay :) ......... Love, Mom

Bob said...

I've not been online long enough lately to have seen your "Movie quotes" blog...but I'm sure I'd have scored very highly on it. Okay, maybe just 1/2, but next time you do one, email me to make sure I know you've bloged it so I can win!