Friday, December 12, 2008

Bits of String

Consider this the smattering of household flotsam and jetsam that collects at the bottom of your junk drawer, like bits of string.

First, there's a new post at

Second, an Open Letter to J.K. Rowling's attorneys:

Dear Law Firm,

Despite your solicitors' resemblance to dementors - those beings that suck the life and joy out of others - your fans request that you banish these legal dementors back to Azkaban.

Why has this issue arisen? Because, after traveling to a favorite store to buy the usual Yuletide stocking stuffers of Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, and Droobles' Best Blowing Gum, I found out that the company that produced these products LOST THEIR LICENSE.

You, J.K. Rowling's solicitors, are scrooges. SCROOGES!



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now that is an ABSOLUTE BUMMER! I hadn't realized that they had quit making that stuff! They ARE Scrooges! Love you, Mom