Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Under the Tree at the Couch

When you grow up, people never know what to get you.
A multi-pack of Play-Doh just won't cover the universal "kid" present base anymore.

Though I always did love Legos...
Anyway, I ran across a few exceptionally cute items at Pier 1's website while watching "House" tonight.
red bird plate. $5.

red batik dinnerware. $3-$4.
mercury glass votive holders. $4.

carved tree frames. $14 & $24.

fleur de lis embossed filled candle. $2.98.

paper star lanterns. $9 & $14.

golden floral rim dinnerware. $5 & $6.

blue printed toss pillow. $7.48.

vanilla almond latte candles. $6-$20.

embroidered pillow - sand. $24.

I'm the kind of person who refuses to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Only like the day after, but still. But as soon as the weather drops below eighty degrees, I hum happily, knowing that the season is changing, cool weather in the offing, hot tea steeping, Thanksgiving coming, Advent just around the corner.

Ahhhh. 'Tis the season.


Becky Carter said...

I sure hope your secret santa read this post ;-).

Carrie said...

Pier One is my absolutely favorite chain at which to shop!

Wow! I can't believe I just finished that sentence without using a preposition. It's going to be a good day.

Bob said...

Yes, Pier One is a great place to shop. Hobby Lobby is a greater place to shop. Why? Lower prices, huge selection of decorating items and great gift ideas. When's the last time you were in a Hobby Lobby? It's much more than hobby stuff, in fact, the hobby aisles are just a small portion of the store's floorspace. (This advertisement is in cooperation with your local Hobby Lobby stores and www.HobbyLobby.com, where you'll find this weeks sale items and a 40% off any one item coupon good through 8 pm Saturday night.)

Anonymous said...

I read down thru your remarks, and thought I would leave my favorite TV comedies. Steel Magnolia, and Pretty Woman are 2 of my favorites, then there is the Andy Grittith(sp) shows. Tyvm for the e-mails,good to hear from you, grandmaG

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

You know, it's rare for me to find an Andy Griffith episode on TV that I haven't seen before; I didn't realize how much I'd watched it until I found myself thinking or quoting from it one day. It really is hilarious for anyone who's ever lived in a small town, or in the south, or in a small town in the south!