Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bulletin from the Voting Line

We waited about twenty or twenty-five minutes to vote today; not bad, compared to other areas, but remarkable, in that usually in this precinct there IS no wait.

But what was striking was the vehemence evidenced in a solid red county, belonging to a state that is anything but a swing state: a frazzled-looking poll worker was lamenting the fervor of early morning voters, who insisted that the voting lines be reorganized. Why? Fear of cheaters. We're not in a swing state, people, but early morning voters pitched a fit, saying the way the polling site was set up might allow people to vote multiple times.

Do I find myself distressed at this? Heck no. FINALLY - people are excited and passionate about taking ownership in our country! One man stood in line with his excited-looking daughter, who was sporting a Disney nightgown and fuzzy slippers. Well done, parents who take this opportunity to show your kids what it means to be American. (The schools are out today.)

We visited Starbucks for our free post-vote coffee (no verification required), then drove to Krispy Kreme for our free post-vote doughnuts ("I voted" stickers proudly placed on lapels). Krispy Kreme came out ahead on that deal. We walked away with our free doughnuts, and John's creme de la creme, a box of a dozen hot, glazed circles of goodness and wonder. Krispy Kreme was full of parents who'd brought their kids along after voting.

Reports are that so far, the longest lines are in cities, and are also around pre-work/lunchtime/post-work. I suggest beating the rush. If you have any problems, immediately contact your Secretary of State; if they don't respond, smile sweetly and tell them that you'll just inform your local media, then.

Voter turnout is as high as everyone thought it might be, which is good news. I hope it sets a precedent for the next few elections, as well.

Meanwhile, the most annoying headline I've seen all day? From USA Today: "historic election begins, between African-American and oldest candidate ever." Yes, that's what makes McCain's ticket unique...or wait, maybe it has something to do with the Republican woman who's his running mate!

Ah well. Go enjoy your free small coffee, your star-shaped doughnut, and, if you live near a Ben and Jerry's, a free scoop of ice cream between 5-8 tonight.

I love voting. Have I mentioned that? I skipped the straight party option just so I could punch the individual buttons and relish the fact.

I was wound up before the Krispy Kreme/Starbucks excursion. Now it's to what my mom endearingly calls the "motormouth" stage.

Aaaand I'm proooooud to beeeee an Americaaaaan...where at least I knoooow (for nooow) I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

The dogs wish they could vote, but they lack opposable thumbs.


Anonymous said...

Near my home in Lexington, KY the Unitarian church parking lot (where I vote), was packed and cars were on both sides of the streets 3 blocks away.

Christy said...

I live in a small town and voted during the day - but for our town it was busy! If nothing else good comes from the next four years, at least people have gotten excited about voting, and that indeed is a good thing.

p.s. I've enjoyed reading your posts regarding this election. Thank you.

vanilla said...

The polling place in the old hometown was pretty busy today, too. Citizenship at its best; and now we have a new President-elect and a bunch of locals to serve our public needs until the next election.