Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cash 4 Books

I know, I know, the economy resembles a beached whale, everyone in the nation who just gave up an addiction got it back, 401k's are sinking, we're all going to die.

At least that's what's going through stock brokers' minds.

Now, my newly minted sister-in-law Becky (what's UP!?!) had several interesting money-saving, or money-getting, ideas recently, and I'm here to tell you about the best one, so that when Tom Brokaw's all like "we're doomed," you can smile, knowing you just put same change in your pocket.

Now, if I had my camera gadgety thing with me, I'd upload photos of the corn maze we got lost in in northern Ohio when we visited Becky and her family. Who knew corn was so tall? Seriously, it's like fifteen feet. But this is not about the corn maze, or the ice cream we had afterwards, or the corn slide that I slid down, or the fact that we hung out at her house and she cooked and it was great, look at me, not cooking. College students: not cooking is something to never take for granted, even if you like cooking in general. The power of a prepared meal is enough to make the real world weep.

Anyway, so here it is....drumroll....

Cash 4 Books

Say you have an old textbook from college, but the bookstore wouldn't buy it back because the prof switched editions she was can enter the ISBN on Cash 4 Books' website, they'll tell you how much they'll pay you for it, you create an account, print out a shipping label they provide, and stick it in the mail. Voila! Money shows up in your PayPal account when they receive the books.

What's that, Elizabeth? They take your old books, pay you for them, and they even pay for shipping? All you need is the books, access to the internet, and a cardboard box to stick the dumb things in?

That's right, Mr. Anonymous Speaker Laden with Disbelief.

But I don't have old textbooks. I have fiction, and religious books, and Chicken Soup for the Confederate Army's Soul!

It's okay, Mr. Anonymous. They take a lot of that, too!

Where can I find this miracle drug, again?

Well, I don't know about miracle drugs, but you can go to to clear the way for the books you really want.

Are we talking like four dollars, or a thousand?

I'll give you an average example: we just sent in about five books - text books and nonfiction - and will receive about $50.00 for them.

Wow, thanks, Big Red Couch!

Don't thank me, thank Becky and her money savin', corn mazin' ways.


Jeffrey Rudy: said...

Thanks...this will be helpful. I was afraid it was gonna be like that "Cash4Gold" commercial I keep seeing on TV...something looks fishy about it...and that elderly lady with so much makeup you can't see her face and a plastered smile: "I got $400 for my spare gold" just really gives me the eebie-jeebies.

Becky Carter said...

ok WAIT WAIT WAIT a second!!! I must tell you my latest!! I wish I had known you were going to be using this site! I am now a cash4books spokesperson and I get money for referring...geez Elizabeth you jumped on this sooner than I thought! So, maybe some other poor wonderful souls out there will click on THIS link to access the website:

oh will be able to do this too...well, anyway, there's my plug...use my link please! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Also, be sure to check out It compares the price that cash4books, as well as a bunch more sites are offering for your used books. Cash4books often, but not always, has a pretty high price, so it pays to shop around.

Unknown said...

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