Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Did you read that?


A gallon of gas is finally cheaper than a gallon of milk again in central Kentucky. If it goes to $1.99, I'm taking pictures and will lovingly place them in an album somewhere alongside my husband and dogs.

Since we have no stocks, bonds, real estates, or assets, the fact that the dollar is strengthening (sending oil prices down, and world markets shaky) is a good thing for us middle Americans.

I heard a great commentary on the radio the other night: a guy named Harry Dent (not Harvey Dent, of "Dark Knight" fame) matter of factly stated that some economists have known this would happen. Why? Peak spending happens in the forties and fifties - the age the Baby Boomers just passed. They're, by the way, a huge portion of the population. Their huge amounts of spending created a bubble. The bubble burst. And, as Mr. Dent pointed out, that actually is a good thing. Why? Deflation eventually helps the middle class. When things are booming, the rich get richer. When prices are falling, it's the middle classes that benefit. So, painful for some? Yes, but better it happens now, rather than the bubble continue to grow.

He also estimated it'll take several years to even out: he guessed til 2012. Meanwhile, keep renting, wait a couple years to buy a house, and don't liquidate your stock until the Dow is back up around 11-12,000.

It was so great to hear an apolitical analysis.

Meanwhile, yes, you well to do folk have lost some money, so maybe you see the tank as half empty.

But me? I see the tank as half full.

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Anonymous said...

LIQUIDATE your STOCKS??!!!?? Ahhhhahahahaha!
What are stocks?
Love you, Mom