Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Water. Video. Party.

It's fall, which means I rhapsodize eloquently to all who will listen about autumnal virtues, oaken colors, and the many joys of pumpkin patches.

It's fall, which means I have bronchitis.

Which is why I just banged a large cup on a table and shouted "water!", like a prisoner. To my sweet husband, who looked surprised, then mocking.

You there. Get me water. With lots of ice.

I've been trying to watch the latest episode of my super favorite show "The Closer," through devious means, since I have neither cable nor DVR. But some versions are so much quicker to load than others, why, why?

So anyway, while "The Closer" buffers, let me tell you about a party I'm planning.

An Office party.

For the season premiere.

Of "The Office."

I'm telling you now in case you want to use some of these ideas for next week's prime time event of the century, nay, millenium. Also because I'm disgruntled and bored WHY WON'T YOU BUFFER?


Here's what's a-happenin'.

John is going to burn a cd of various songs from the show: Andy's Rockin' Robin, the Dunder Mifflin ad tune, Michael's song intro for the Dundies, "Ryan started the fire," etc.

I am going to kidnap the watercooler from work and use it as a prop for the party.

Snacks will be from the episodes, and a prize will be awarded to whoever can guess the most snack-to-episodes correctly, like so: is an awesome blossom featured in: "Performance Review," "Goodbye, Toby," or "The Client"? and so on. Snacks will include specific foods from the episodes: grilled cheese, mixed berry yogurt, etc. No roadkill goose, though.

Guests will be forced to dress like members of The Office. Given my red hair, I may have to be Meredith. We'll see.

The centerpiece for the table will be a George Foreman grill with bacon on it.

Perhaps we'll have beet salad.

Oh my gosh, I just finished watching the episode "Time Bomb" of The Closer, Season Four - the most intense episode of that series I've ever seen. Will Pope needs to lose his job.

Sweet husband brought me water. The Party Planning committee is hard at work.

But "Time Bomb" was a cliffhanger.


Bob said...

I guess I'll have to DVR that show...seems we miss it for some reason. Probably because we end up watching P & P again, or The Holiday, or Lyrics and Music....all chick flicks I've accidentally memorized.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that you have bronchitis, Sissy. Take care of yourself - and drink lots of WARM liquids.
Love, Mom