Monday, September 8, 2008

Hits & Misses

Palin, Obama, McCain, Biden, Palin, Obama, Palin.
Let's think about something else for a moment, shall we?

Like how much I loved this:This is Miss Pettigrew. Actually it's Frances McDormand, who's also in the upcoming "Burn After Reading," which I can't wait to see - thank you, Coen brothers, for enriching all our lives. "Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day" came out as a relatively small film from Focus Features. And I loved it.

You will love it if:

A) you like art deco sets

B) you like Wodehouse

C) you like "The Importance of Being Earnest"

D) you like the sets in Hercule Poirot adaptations
E) you like old black and white movies, especially the Powell-
Lombard "My Man Godfrey."
F) you don't blanch at a couple of tushes.

G) you like swing music soundtracks

H) you've ever been poor enough to be hungry
. Miss Pettigrew is hungry throughout the movie.

Well that's half the alphabet, but you get the point. This movie is delightful. I'm not sure how many men will appreciate it - you'd have to appreciate A-G, and be in that politically incorrect "
chick flick" mood. I think it's more a sense of humor thing, and less a gender thing. If you like "zany madcap romps" with heart and meaning, especially anything made before 1945, well, you'll enjoy this film that is actually based on a novel that was originally going to be a film in the 30's, then the 50's, but didn't actually make it to screen until 2008!

"Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" is a definite HIT.

This, however? Not as well loved. People, why is it that if the Democratic party runs an African American, it's diverse, but if John McCain chooses a female VP candidate, it's petty manipulation aimed at female voters? Let's be consistent and give them both the benefit of the doubt, or the cynical examination of our jaded experience. Inconsistency is always a definite MISS. Either assume that Obama's melanin is an advantage, and that Palin's ovaries are an advantage, or that both of them should be considered apart from their embodied existence. I think it's reasonable to posit that both race and gender lead to fresh experiences brought to bear on their respective positions. Neither needs to be a liability. And neither needs to be considered as a manipulative ploy.

Blockbuster Online, however, remains a HIT. If you like to rent movies, or tv shows, or anything not stocked by your box store-ish neighborhood rental spot, this is for you. I suppose Netflix might work, but I haven't tried it. I do, however, love Blockbuster Online. For a set fee a month, you have the option of always having out one, two, or three movies. You log in to the website, search for titles, and add them to your queue. A movie shows up in your mailbox. You keep it for days, weeks, or (yes, I've done this) months. You simply put it back in your mailbox when you're done with it, and when they receive it, they send the next one on your list. It's spectacular for British mystery shows that I'd never find on the shelves of an actual Blockbuster, or for old black and white movies I'd never find on the shelves on an actual rental store, or for when you're like "oh I need to watch that but I'll forget what I wanted to see once I actually get in there," instead you can go online and add it to your queue so you don't forget. And by the way, queue is pronounced "Q" and it means line, like in line, like when British people say that "queue up" for the bus. Basically, if you watch "The Office" you've had all this explained by Kelly Kapoor in the episode where they're all taking bets on things because they're at a competitive loss after March Madness is over.

Which brings me to my next HIT:
"The Office" Season Four.

YIKES, what a HIT. So John the husband and I went to Wal-Mart to spend our entertainment budget on this set that came out last week.

But Wal-Mart wa
s out.

So we drove further, to Best Buy.
Best Buy only had one left. And lucky me, it was the special edition, which included a t-shirt, water bottle, and cause wrist band for only twelve dollars more. And if you've seen any of last season, you'll appreciate that the shirt, bottle and band were all commemorative "Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure."

Not only was Season Four great, the special features for Season Four, on disc four, are so good they almost make you forget that a writer's strike interrupted the show midseason.

Here are a couple of my favorite "The Office" summer withdrawal sites:

As I like to say this fall, the best thing to come out of Scranton isn't Joe Biden, it's Michael Scott.

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