Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What Katy Did

So the Christian music scene included Kate Hudson a few years ago - but not the Goldie Hawn-spawn who frequents romantic comedies. This Kate has transitioned to purely secular music (is there such a thing?), most notably through changing her name. Now Katy Perry is the singer/temptress/Victoria's Secret model-wannabe behind the song "I Kissed A Girl (And I Liked It)."

What led a girl raised by conservative pastor parents to go from hymns to hellraising?

And why does it matter for you?

Well, you may come from a hellraising past. The question is A) why the change in her? B) is your Junior High aged niece listening to this? C) what are the messages teenage girls are sent on a la carte sexuality? and D) how would you present this situation to a youth group who probably have both Christian music world artists and singers like Katy Perry on their iPods?

Whether or not Katy Perry's songs on sexual experiences are actually taken seriously, they break yet another sound barrier in what is discussed as viable behavior choices among young girls. Consider: when you play spin the bottle, what will you do when it points to someone of the same sex? "Sex and the City" writers crafted just such a scenario for popular character Carrie - and she went down the rabbit hole.

It's obvious Kate/Katy is sorting out her identity - in terms of gender, religion, sexuality, music, and profession. But even though her case may sound extreme, the fact of the matter is that young women are coloring in their character - who they are - in confused waters. And adding "be whatever sexual character you want to be" to the list of empowering choices can be a tempting lure for girls trying to take control of their lives. This isn't an "I was born this way" scenario: this is a consumer model. Kate/Katy can choose to wear Skechers or Chuck Taylor shoes, to listen to Carrie Underwood or Madonna, or to make out with Brad or Brandi. And in her setting, she declares her right to a la carte sexuality as much as any sexual activist declares her right to give leadership in any organization she chooses, whether it be the church or something else.

Whatever your role with young women in your life, encourage them to move away from thinking like consumers of sexual experiences.

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Unknown said...

great blog. my husband and i work with the youth at our church, and this definitely is a prominent issue in so many lives. i love the flying saucer ceiling!