Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rahab Ministries

Found this today.

Love it.

This enterprise in Bangkok, Thailand has similar means and outcomes to Sari Bari; where Sari Bari works to give women in the sex industry employment by making blankets out of old saris, Rahab Ministries exists in one of the city's red light districts, entering bars and looking for women who want a way out. You can sponsor a woman - they always need sponsors - and they're working with Samaritan's Purse to provide housing for both women and their children. For employment, the women leaving prostitution make jewelry that you can buy. And guess what: it's really cool. I would wear it. No, I'm not saying I'm cool. Yes. Yes I am. Anyway, you can sponsor a woman for a year for just over a hundred dollars. Or you could do some gift shopping through them - necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Check out their "bazaar" on the website.

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Carrie said...

Wow, I love some of those. I wish I were filthy rich.