Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"The Office" Season Five Prophecies

I love the show "The Office." I've worked in offices that have had similarly quirky, annoying or interesting people, which is why it is so believable. My mom can't stand it because she's had bosses like Michael Scott. But in one job, the show actually helped me get through the day because I worked with people exactly like Michael Scott - and laughing at it on screen was my revenge.

So here are my predictions for the upcoming season:

#1. Dwight finds an alternative mode of transportation for work to save on costly gas. Probably a horse, hitched in the parking lot. It would fit the beet farm ambience.

#2. Jim and Pam arrive on the scene of season five already engaged, or having eloped. It's hard to top the disappointing results of the attempted proposal ending last season; it also might seem pushing it to have an episode focused on a wedding in which Michael makes a fool of himself, since Phyllis and Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration already pulled that off.

#3. This is a hope: I hope that Dwight and Angela get back together. I never thought I'd feel sorry for Dwight's character, but Andy managed to make me sympathize. I dislike Andy more than I dislike Dwight. A Schrute-Martin pregnancy would make things interesting. That would make the world more interesting: a little baby Schrute.

#4. Another hope: that Michael ditches Jan for the female Michael introduced last season, the lovely Holly, who by now has hopefully discovered that Kevin is not, in fact, mentally handicapped.

#5. Ryan is demoted to a "temp" kind of status and returns to Scranton, chagrined, through an obnoxiously merciful Michael.

#6. Today I passed a car that seriously looked like it was driven by Creed Bratton. That doesn't have anything to do with Season Five predictions. It just is.

#7. Is it possible Jim and Pam would spend a few episodes or more in New York, if Jim took Ryan's former job at corporate, and Pam finished up her art school stint?

#8. Let's all hope Andy not only finds out about Dwight and Angela, but attempts an attack on Dwight that would pale his former anger management issues.

#9. I would love to see Oscar host a Pampered Chef party.

What are your predictions and hopes for Season Five?


Anonymous said...

all I know is that I am excited to see it all next season...interesting predictions...my particular favorite is Dwight saving on gas with the horse...very likely.

Anonymous said...

At last, my soulmate! Yes, on Jim and Pam - I don't think we should have to go through another wedding being planned in the office - for Andy - I just want more a Capella, don't care why, don't care how. "Holly" character is around for a few more eps - BJ Novak likely to be seen less, since they are splitting staff with the spin off and he is more interested in the writing and production side than in acting - Creed Bratton - old man 60s rockstar - any other questions? I read spoilers.

Unknown said...

i love the office :) my hubby just bought season 3 last week. its one of those shows where some of the situations are so embarrasing, i have to close my eyes because its too stressful to watch them be so stupid!

anyways, thanks for your cleaning tip! i can't tell you how many times i've had to clean the floor on my hands and knees, especially on the white tile in the bathroom...won't ever do that again...

Anonymous said...

I've seen prediction number seven quite a bit! That'd be so nice to see...here's hoping! I'm quite looking forward to season 5 starting tomorrow night!!!

I'm also really looking forward to the commercials. No, seriously! Remember that Tide talking stain commercial that first aired during the Super Bowl? So funny. Well, I work at Tide and we had a contest earlier in the year to see who could best spoof the ad. We had some great entries! The finalists can be seen here: www.tidetogo.com/ads and the WINNER can be seen during the season premiere of The Office. Should be great!

Thanks for letting me comment on your blog! If you have any questions, feel free to email me! I'd love to hear from you! (P.S. I love that Harry Potter is on your bookshelf!)

Mandy Jacobs :)