Monday, July 14, 2008

Love/Hate Relationship

Love: "Cocoa Beach" Kashi cereal. It's like a dessert in your cereal bowl, only...grown-up, tres sophisticated, and good for you. "Cocoa Beach" has oats, almonds, and coconut, so it has a healthy dose of good fats. It's filling. The cocoa is true cocoa, not like Coco Pebbles where all the chocolate runs into the milk making chocolate milk. No, Cocoa Beach cocoa stays on those dad-gummed clusters of love. Second glances: at over $3 a box for a small box, this is an every-few-days cereal, not a shovel-it-down-your-gullet cereal.

Hate: Not having a regular church to attend. Since we've been married, John and I haven't found a church to ooze into and become a part of. I don't care if that preposition does dangle, I hate not having a regular church. It's not for want of looking. But trying to find a good church makes me antsy. Well, at least we're in the Bible belt. A dozen down, several million to go.

Love: Blockbuster Online. What's that, all I do is decide what movie I want to view, and it MAGICALLY APPEARS in my mailbox? What century is this, the 22nd? AND they have obscure films difficult to find, like British murder mystery series, and foreign films with subtitles, and lots of documentaries? Thank you, Bill Gates, for personalizing the computer.

Entertainment strikes. Don't make me mention the scarring Writer's Strike from this last winter, that interrupted shows like "The Office" for months. MONTHS. You may think you can strike, SAG (Screen Actors Guild), but be warned: we have Blockbuster Online, and we can find other shows NOT starring you to which we can quickly become addicted. Like "Rosemary and Thyme," and stuff. So you might think the consequences won't outweigh the benefits, but they might. THEY MIGHT.

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