Friday, June 6, 2008

Where Did I Put My Pyramid?

There comes a time in everyone's life when you lose something.

Thankfully, I've never lost a pyramid.

Or a lighthouse.

But recently, both things have been found. In rather remarkable ways. You see, the historic folks of one New England town have been telling people for years that their old lighthouse was demolished. Then someone unexpectedly found the lighthouse.

In California.

Turns out they moved it there some eighty years ago. Nobody knows why, and they're scratching their heads at the labor it would take to dissemble and reassemble an entire metal lighthouse, but nonetheless, it happened.

Then, some archaelogists had found a pyramid and ancient town in Egypt. This, too, was decades ago, but it got lost under about 25 feet of desert sand and no one could find it.

Til recently, when some relieved diggers found it again.

Apparently this is a good reminder for all of us: don't lose your landmarks. Be careful not to misplace large cultural items. Someone might forget to put the memo out - ooooh, yeah, we moved that lighthouse. Oops.

Or, as friend Emily put it, "these days, you can’t turn around without locating a large, missing structure whose sole purpose is to be conspicuous."

Missing Pyramid Found in Egypt:

Cape Cod Lighthouse Found in California:

My opinion? I should start a newspaper for ads like this. "Lost: one large lighthouse. Metal. Please return to owner."

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