Monday, May 12, 2008

Flare. Not flair. And Sibling Brivalry.

I'm putting this out quick, people. After working a grueling 14 hours Friday, I slept this weekend. Insert snores. Slept and read murder mysteries. Slept and read murder mysteries and played indoor croquet because it was raining outside.
So I'm sending up this flare because that's all I can do. Last night the croquet got down to me and my brother. I said, "oh, it's a sibling b- rivalry." Because you know, I started to say battle. Who ever heard of a sibling battle? Well, that's what proofreading and writing for fourteen hours does to me. So Ethan pestered me the rest of the game by pointing out our sibling brivalry.

A few things floating through my shipwrecked brain: Now THIS is a fun game. Kind of stressful, in an unnecessary way. I found out my average is 68 words per minute. Wow. The Myanmar government is killing thousands of citizens by refusing to let in worldwide aid sitting at its doorstep to help kids and families who've been left without food and homes due to the giant cyclone that hit a bit over a week ago. I'm all for dropping aid in anyway. Don't forget, STAMP PRICES have risen again. Doesn't the post office realize they're just discouraging people from sending letters? Blind bowler gets perfect score. Enough said.


Bob said...

didthe typeracr 1o tiymes ad averatged 41 wtpms! whoohow

loev yo nost!

Bob said...

oh..and shouldn't that be sibling brovalry? ha ha ha ha ha

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