Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Newspaper Hat

I emerged from the fort today, newspaper hat in place, scanning the vast jungle with my cardboard paper towl tube-telescope.

Turns out this whirling, blinking gizmo "blogger" was set to let in comments from google members only. I turned the crank, pushed some large, red, important looking buttons, and *presto* now comments may flood like the Nile.

It's been a long,long day, wearying to the mind and spirit, so I am gathering my belongings in a red and white handkerchief tied onto the end of a stick, making a peanut butter sandwich, and preparing for the long, arduous journey back into the fort.


Bob said...

I love you Elizabeth....therefore I read and comment on your one else loves you, therefore THEY don't comment. NOW they are just coddling you and you KNOW I'd never do that...because I love you and they don't. I also would NEVER use emotional blackmail. You are ALWAYS on top of the TOTEM pole as far as I'm concerned.---from your Commenting Daddy (so there everyone else, I got mentioned as a commenter, you didn't!)

Bob said...

oh,, and everyone, here's Elizabeth's dads new 'artblog'... if you are interesed...

there are 3 pages, so when you get to the bottom, click "older posts".