Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Man's Best...Charlie, Put That Down!

Off to Ft. Worth today. But thought you'd like to see the pooches. Because yes, I finally found my camera charger.
The dogs love to wrestle,play, and romp. Or do they "rassle"?

Charlie gets a belly rub.

I decided to make dog treats. But I didn't have a round cookie cutter, and it was doughy, and the ducky cutter wasn't working. So I used this glass.

Charlie wanted to know if they were done yet. I said "not yet, but soon."

NOW they're done!


Anonymous said...

Actually, those look quite good - did you or John taste-test one? More importantly, did the dogs approve?
Love you much, Mom

Carrie said...

Those DON'T look too bad! I'm interested in your recipe!

Love the picture of Charlie. He's gazing so expectantly. How's potty training going?