Saturday, April 26, 2008

Africa Lunch

Delegates and visitors from around the continent of Africa as well as the United States attended the Africa lunch the other day. Many Africans speak French, so the proceedings were translated into French. The ladies' flowing, colorful dresses and elegant head scarves and wraps make a striking picture walking down the street or along conference corridors. Texan hospitality bags welcomed delegates with a taste of the South along with a few snacks. Many international delegates are still adjusting to the time difference, and the jetlag in addition to late nights and early mornings have suffused faces with fatigue. The Rev. Jerry Kulah, a District Superintendent from Liberia, spoke to his fellow Africans. Before the United Methodist General Conference, he led a day of prayer in his country attended by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a fellow United Methodist. She will address delegates this Tuesday. PBS has produced a documentary on this first female president of an African country and her cabinet called "Iron Ladies of Liberia."

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Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying these conference blogs and LOVE the pictures of the Africa lunch. I used to love it when the African students at Marion wore their national garb....It's been a very busy week, but have offered some prayers for the exhausted conference delegates....How are you holding up? Much love and many prayers, Mom