Friday, March 14, 2008

What Do You Set Your Watch By?

Oh, it's enough to make my head spin. This weekend beckons me from so many different directions, and it does you, too.
There's Palm Sunday, heralding Holy Week.
There's Selection Sunday, publishing which teams will make the cut to the NCAA tournament.
There's St. Patrick's Day, Monday, technically, unless your city is one of those celebrating it today, tomorrow or Sunday, out of respect for the above-mentioned Holy Week.
A religious holiday. A culturally formed sports high holy day. An everybody's-ethnic, culturally formed, religious holiday.
(Yes, Virginia, there was a St. Patrick.)
And to top it all off, there's my-favorite-dept-store-is-closing-one-of-its-locations-so-there's-a-gigantic-sale Day. Happy Sale Day to Me.
Which ones are you celebrating? Which ones didn't even register on your calendar?

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