Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Things You Should Know

If you've read the below post, you know my mind is the consistency of the jello and pudding I made yesterday. That is why, instead of writing, I am going to tell you what other people have written.

Guerilla Gardening

Hot Cocoa, All Grown Up,FOO-News-chocolate30.article

Bishop Condemns Corpse Exhibition

The All-Russia Honey Festival

More Evangelicals Join Lent Observance

Restaurants as Obesity Cops Doesn't Sit Well

San Fernando Valley Illegal Soapbox Federation

Review: The Portable Atheist

High-tech Birdwatchers? Satellite Spotters

It's Awesome, Baby! Vitale Has His Voice Back

Paczki (poonchkey)

Bobby Knight Resigns: But Does He Retire?

Farmland More Valuable Than Ever

207 Pranksters Stand Still for Five Minutes in Grand Central Station

More Born-Again Christians Favor Democratic Candidates

Love of the Game: South Korean Soccer Players Dislocate Shoulders to Dodge Draft,,-7279521,00.html

Doxa Soma

Pimp Your Truck

Brits Don't Know Churchill Is Real, Sherlock Is Fiction

Coolest Thing Ever: Fish Tank Habitrail

Chuck Colson: Art, Worship, and the Bible

"Arrested Development" Film Officially in the Works
Yngwie Malmsteen's Acoustic Guitar Solo

The Onion: Congress to Raise Alpacas to Aid Struggling Economy

Xtreme Knitters Rock the Yarn

Domino's to Deliver Pizza Tracker

Old Movie Website (watch the Hindenberg crash, and so much more...)

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Bob said...

I really liked the "Frozen Union Station" bit... that was really cool!... seems some of the people were kinda freaked out!--daddy