Sunday, February 17, 2008

Little House on the Prairie

For about forty-five minutes Saturday, I left the house for the first time in days to visit the county humane shelter with John. I knew it would be a car ride, a quick tour of the doggies wanting homes, and a quick car ride back.
The evening before, we'd scanned dozens of dogs online.
About a month ago, a lady at the church we've been attending came up to us and, after relating a few funny family anecdotes, made a proposal that we stay in a house on her land for an obscenely low amount of money. After consideration of pros and cons, and John procuring a job closer to the farm, we accepted.
We will live in a little house on the bluegrass. There is a magnolia tree, and stone walls the region is famous for. There is a stream, and a screened in back porch. Nearby there are cows and horses. I will garden and bake pies and John will practice woodworking. And we'll have dogs.
Please, visit your area humane shelter. Walking through ours was like the jail-esque "Lady and the Tramp" scene. They can always use donations of pet food, or walkers, and if you have room, there are so many friendly dogs and cats that need a home. You can easily find particular kinds of pets in your area by a simple Google search. "Petfinder" lists animals at shelters and rescues in the region of your zip code. I was very impressed by our county shelter. One very outgoing English Setter we met was found on Valentine's Day. The owners were contacted but didn't want her back.
In a few months when we're settled, give us a call and come on over. Our dogs can romp together.


Bob said...

make sure you give me an address!

Carrie said...

So did you bring the English setter home?

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

we have not yet adopted a dog, but we're in the application process.