Monday, February 11, 2008

Girlie Girl Time

It's Pink Week. Now, Valentine's Day is approaching; howe'er, for the woman of independence, the married, the fresh, newly dating, the annoyed constant dater, or the widow - or, I suppose, the Mata Hari - Valentine's Week is a good time to enjoy being a woman. Let's face it. There are many ways to do this. Ladies, I encourage you to pamper yourself this week. If you have a significant other worth his weight in salt, he will help you do this; a foil wrapped heart of candy, a flower, a dinner, a Tiffany's box, or a handmade construction paper note all do the trick. But it's PINK WEEK. A time to let yourself be girly. It doesn't matter if you're a mother, a career girl, or a retiree. Don't go the route of angsty college girls who paint their fingernails black to show their grief at life's unending misery. Don't give in to the strident cynicism of those who assault Valentine's Day as a commercial enterprise first and foremost.
You are a woman. Savor this fact.
Here is my salute to candy hearts and Spongebob Valentines. Be Mine.

First, have milk and cookies. If you do extra crunches, have whole milk. Of course, you can substitute extra crunchies. Like if the cookies have nuts. Get the really good cookies, like the Dove cookies in the cookie aisle. Or fancy ones from an online place.

Next, soak in the tub for a couple of hours. Long enough that the water starts to get cool and you have to add more hot water. If you don't have enough bubble bath to start a typhoon, try this red currant and thyme soap. Mmmm. Fleur de Lis.

Now, stare at your walls. Aren't you glad you have good taste? Who else would choose such an adorable print? BUNNIES. I love bunnies. I used to have a bunny house when I was younger. (It was a dollhouse for my bunnies.) They had a Christmas tree and everything. And yes, Valentine's Day.

Oh, dear. How did a picture of John get on here? John after several days of influenza and fever? Betcha he didn't know that picture was going to make it on the blogosphere...
Anyway. Back to the point.

Whether you're going out to the Ritz-Carlton or the IHOP, I suggest this bag. It will make you look snazzy. Carry it with a little black dress or jeans. And it looks Valentiney without looking gag me I'm getting diabetic Valentiney.

What's that?
Of course you can lust after a purse. You just did, didn't you?

Oh, oh, don't forget your earrings!! Once again, these are hard to resist. Vintage, of Japanese origin, and romantically dangly, they compliment the purse without overdoing one pattern or shade. Gone are the days of the eighties when your shoes, tights, dress, earrings, and scrunchie are all the exact same shade of teal. Welcome to the boho years.

Oh, my! Another photo of John? John, are you asleep on the couch with your mouth open? Are you completely vulnerable to the outside world? Awww, you're still sick? Better get your rest, then. But you have no idea you're being photographed? Well, then...

see what I mean, ladies? Pink Week is about having fun and pampering yourself.

Now you can have a cup of tea in your beautiful, chipped, antique cup and saucer, enjoy your carton of leftovers stashed in the fridge - because you do have leftovers from your Pink Week Pampering, right? - and savor your favorite film, show, or album.

Power to Pink Week. Let me know how you pamper yourself this week. And you know, a note on that:pampering is as individual as you are. Some people find ironing relaxing. Others find not ironing relaxing. Some enjoy thawing frozen mice in their sink relaxing. Others find rearranging the furniture relaxing. Some enjoy baking. Some enjoy not baking for a day.
But do something - little, small, quirky, mainstream - do something Pink for yourself.
Let me show you a male example of this:

This is my brother. In a box. He's staying with us for a while.
Who doesn't make cardboard boxes into aeroplanes?

All personal photos taken by me, or my aviator brother.
All other photos off my "favorites" folder at


Unknown said...

The Runaway Bunny was my favorite book when I was a child. Was it yours?

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

My favorite books were often British childrens books involving mice, or bunnies, or woodland creatures, always in adorable clothing, often in houses in trees.
"Brambly Hedge" and "Oakapple Wood" books come to mind.