Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Pinch of Perspective

In these troubled, tumultuous political times when candidates promise their dedication to solve your family's woes, consider this: footage of F.D.R.'s Fireside Chats on the New Deal. Hear his resolve and weigh the results of the action and power the federal government amassed to alleviate the ills of the Depression. Hear the options he gives families about to lose their homes; a tug on the heartstrings, yes, but that season brought about the disappearance of a third of your income: the income tax. Pockets may get threadbare as the economy jolts in financial turbulence, but, as Washington seeks the answers to keeping Americans happy, keep in mind the law of unintended consequences, and the echoes of actions taken sixty or seventy years ago. Our actions will echo for our grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and those we'll never meet. Beware the tempting offer of comfort for today: the bulk of the burden may be carried by those who forget where to find our graves. Some things never change: hardship, uncertainty, hard work. It may as well be you who carries part of the load, rather than banking on a politician's gamble.

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