Monday, January 14, 2008

Pinata Candy

For anyone who missed the pinatas at our reception (we found a pinata donkey head in our bed, by the way - a paper mache ode to The Godfather), here are a few tidbits - candy and toys from the pinatas, if you will...
One of my favorite browsing sites: look, don't touch, kids: Anthropologie stores can be found in metro areas like Boston, but if you're miles away from Paul Revere, check out for delectable clothing and household goods.
What's that? You've had a long day and need something to marvel at? Try this link to a miniature Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings, made out of...drumroll...candy!
And what shape would you like your egg today, dear? Tired of those boring old round eggs? Need something to spice up your breakfast table without giving you heartburn? Then try your hand at these molds that shape your morning sunny side up into your favorite handguns. They're sure to please. Who doesn't want their breakfast food modeled after their favorite weapon of choice?

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