Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daily Double

What is Yes, that's correct.

I took the online Jeopardy test last night. Now, if only I have enough right answers, am randomly chosen to attend an interview audition, and jump through enough Trebek hoops, then I, too, could appear on Jeopardy!

I encourage you to take the Jeopardy online test. It's fun. You have to register to take it at a specific time and evening, so it feels official, but beware! Those questions pop up fast. It took about ten minutes to answer (or not answer) 50 questions.

I've been playing Jeopardy ever since our children's section at the library featured computers with old school games on them. I suppose at that time "old school" hardly works as a modifier. "Neat-o and modern" would be better.

So visit to try your luck at hitting a Daily Double.

A Daily Double of life.

Ahahahahaha. I thought that was funny.

1 comment:

Bob said...

What would be really cool is if I qualified too and we were chosen to be on the same show!!!... worth a shot anyway. Hey, keep it in the family is what I always say!---dad