Sunday, December 23, 2007

Where Are the Chunks in My Yogurt? And Pioneer Woman

Normally I'd never post at this time of day, on this day. You know, 12:48 pm, Sunday, December 23rd. I'd be having dinner after church, or making dinner after church, or avoiding the dessert table at the church potluck for 10 minutes only to succumb to somebody's blueberry crumble.
But I'm on antibiotics that are larger than several eastern European countries, and so I rested, and "pushed the fluids."
My larger problem, for the moment, is my yogurt. In a medicated haze, I drove to the store yesterday in a feeble attempt to replenish the larder. I grabbed what I thought was yogurt with fruit in the bottom. Turns out somebody stole the fruit. That or else I got the wrong one. This yogurt is the consistency of Bath and Body Works body wash, with roughly the same smell and color. If I wanted to eat body wash, I'd buy body wash. Give me chunks of blackberry, slices of strawberries, mangled blueberries. Anything that designates that This Is Fruit. Alas.
A secondary conundrum was the Case of the Missing Olive Oil. I awoke, brewed coffee, and, since I'd slept all morning, decided to head straight for lunch. I cooked some pasta, but What? No olive oil.
An Aside: my roommate Angie loves olive oil. She moisturizes her skin with it. She puts in on her wounds. She douses pasta in it. So sometimes when I need it in the kitchen, it's in her bedroom. But last time I made spaghetti I used too much, so it's possible she hid it in an attempt to conserve it for her cuts and abrasions. Come to think of it, she cut her finger doing dishes the other day. I bet it's in the bathroom.
Now for the larger point I'm making that you wondered if I'd ever get to: Pioneer Woman. Before I go any farther, you must promise that if I recommend her, you'll keep reading me. It's just that I love her website, and if I love it, you'll love it, and if you love, what if you forget the warm coziness of the big red couch?
But recommend her I must, because she makes me laugh on a daily basis, she holds "name that photo" contests regularly in which she gives away gift certificates, she provides recipes that I've tried and fallen hard for, and she's beginning to attract national attention with her pioneer ways. So, after Christmas dinner, when the grandkids are playing video games, the guys are watching football, and the dishwasher is digesting your dishes, scoot on over to Ree's For a great Christmas morning recipe, check out for an amazing cinnamon roll recipe that my other roommate Emily made one time that was sinfully buttery and surprisingly addictive. I myself have made Ree's "The best lasagna ever" recipe, to rave reviews. She's a woman who moved from the bright lights of LA to the dusty roads of a ranch for love of her now husband, Marlboro Man. They now have four kids on the cattle ranch. Did I mention she's a talented photographer as well? Pictures of mustangs, calves, and recipes in progress give vivid detail to her pioneer anecdotes.
I wish I had a pioneer woman cinnamon roll right would take away the sorrow of the missing fruit and olive oil...

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