Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The Christmas titles will continue. Despite the fact that WWIII has been waging between the good all-American cells and the insidious invading germs in my throat, sinuses, chest and ears, I nonetheless am feeling The Urge. Despite the fact that in T-minus ten, nine, eight, I'm getting married and doze off for naps wondering how many extension cords I'll need at the reception, I still feel The Urge. Despite the fact that magazine deadline just wrapped up, a mini version of Finals that comes to my job every two months, The Urge jumps around corners to startle me into giggles.
It's The Urge to bake and wrap. I want to whip up thick, cakey gingerbread, peppermint something something, I want to smell the smell of wrapping paper and new Scotch tape. The closest I've come to either of these is purchasing Havarti cheese and slicing it over round sesame crackers and stuffing a couple small gifts in gift bags. But it's enough to get me going. Next week I have to take an eggnog cheesecake to an office Christmas dinner. I've never made one before, but I found the recipe and instantly felt that this was a destined meeting, me and eggnog cheesecake. We'll see how it fares. I've also decided to try another new recipe, a biscotti recipe involving dried cranberries and white chocolate.
Then I found this recipe for circa-1981 bacon holiday appetizers, and I think I might have to try it, too:
Oh, in the midst of things distracting me from The Urge, I also helped out a friend's friend with a final project for a media class, which means I'm appearing in a short film (less than an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond) which also, incidentally, housemate Angie and I thought up, brainstormed, she wrote, and then I starred in. When it's in a semi-complete form, I'll post it. It is, of course, comedic. I ended up with several bruises, chafed...well, never mind, and my cold got worse, but it should be fun. It's maybe 8-10 minutes long.
Because I have The Urge, I'm manically snacking on washed-and-ready-to-eat sugar snap peas, which keep me chewing and busy without gallons of butter, sugar, chocolate. That will come later with the cheesecake, and biscotti, and bacon appetizers.

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