Friday, October 5, 2007

Your Personal Katie Couric. Or At Least Mine.

Well folks, we're headed into the temporary floatie in a warm summer pool: The Weekend. To catch you up to speed on headlines that I found interesting, funny, or bizarre, I've added a few to the "Extra, Extra" column at the right. There. I'm your personal Katie Couric. Or at least my own, because if all else fails, I've at least entertained myself, with such headlines as:

Japan Vs. The Jellyfish
Spicy Thai Chili Clears Out London Neighborhood
Children's Book: The Pope's Story through the Eyes of His Cat
Texas Baptists Could Have Woman Leader
Halo 3 Captures 300 Million in First Week

If these and others don't pique your interest, then frankly I don't know what will.

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Bob said... chould check this site out too..... here it is--

a guy explains in plain terms how congress works...(or doesn't) almost makes you cry if you weren't laughing!---dad