Thursday, October 18, 2007


Let's dish some commentary, shall we? I'd like to start off today's program by reminding everyone of the value of keeping up with current events. Of course, you are free to define current events for yourself, you history buffs, you.
1) Joe Torre quit as manager of the Yankees. The Yankee empire has disgraced itself by being the jerk of the season for offering this classic, classy manager a flimsy one year contract worth less than he earned this past season. So, the headlines read that Torre quit as manager. What that really means is that they shamed him out of the position. I guess you can buy players, but you can't buy class. I hope Steinbrenner walks into a press conference with toilet paper stuck to his shoes.
2)It's no secret: I love "The Office," which airs Thursday nights on NBC. For anyone located near Scranton, PA, or desiring to road trip there, Scranton is hosting The Office Convention at the end of next week, filled with visits from many cast members. You can learn more at
3) Exiled former prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto - a woman - finally returned to her native country today after an exile of eight years. In a too close to home reminder that terrorism thrives in many parts of the world, explosions near Bhutto's caravan killed at least thirty people, though Bhutto herself is uninjured.
4) A legendary star of the silver screen succumbed to Parkinson's this week. Deborah Kerr, who played in "The King and I" and "An Affair to Remember," among other films, died Tuesday in England. Upon receiving this news and a proposal to make October 18th Deborah Kerr Day, my friend Emily promptly acknowledged the sad event by putting on her vintage hat and grimacing, at least according to a picture she sent me on my phone this afternoon. She also suggested the highly appropriate plan of watching "An Affair to Remember" this evening after The Office. It's one of the few activities capable of wrenching my nose out of Harry Potter at the moment. So pluck your vintage hats out of storage and pay homage to the graceful, red haired actress who entertained us in our childhoods. You can read her obituary here:
5) Here we have our favored segment, "things that gross me out." Check out, "the most curious canned foods found online." seriously, jellied eels? really? really?
Well, that's the nightly news with Baba Wawa. Good night, and good luck.


Bob said...

Sue's brother saw some squirrel brains in milk gravy in a can somewhere in Alabama. He regretted not getting any to bring back to Michigan to prove they existed.

Bob said...