Thursday, September 13, 2007


Browsing is heavenly. Whether it's in a store, picking up candles, sniffing them, putting them down, skimming the back of a bookcover, or online, imagining how a discount lamp would look on your end table, browsing evokes leisure. Relaxation. A free moment amid the hustle and bustle. Especially when done with friends who share similar taste. Exclamations of glee, discussions on the shade of green bestowing a kitchen towel, and your satisfaction with a charcoal grill.
Now is the season to browse. Before Santa glares at you over Halloween candy at Wal-Mart, where the year is one big shopping season. While shelves are still stocked, traffic is still reasonable, and customers still smile back at you. When cashiers aren't too frazzled yet, parking lots aren't too crowded, and your arms aren't too sore from lugging bags around a mall.
I relish finding sales that feature items I know family and friends will love. I sock them away, like a squirrel stows nuts, then pull out my year's treasure trove to see who I still need to purchase for and who has already won the lottery of my months-long scavenger hunt.
So, I share with you a sale. A perfect time to sneak up on your shopping and score a sale. To surprise yourself with how little you have left to do later.
At the right of my blog, I have a few links. One of them connects to my Mary Kay website. Browse. Explore. Request a catalog, samples, or order online. Beat the rush.
All September purchases totalling $50 or more get this: half off a Satin Hands set. All September purchases totalling $100 or more get a free Satin Hands set, a $30 value. But we love to browse with friends. So if a friend of yours joins you in this online browsing and purchases something, you get an extra customer appreciation gift, to keep and savor or tuck into someone's stocking later on. Bring three friends with you who take advantage of the early season shopping moment and you get an additional free Satin Hands set.
Gift wrapping is complimentary upon request. Guys, if you're over your head just reading this blog, then name the amount you wish to spend and I'll create a custom gift basket full of our favorite products for your loved one with a few extra goodies tucked inside.
So pamper yourself by browsing now instead of rushing later. Try a new shade of lipstick. Grab a few Satin Lips sets for your girlfriends. Give yourself the gift of a restful holiday season this year.

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