Friday, August 17, 2007

Rustlin' cattle

The thing is, I really wished to type something profound and nuanced for you, the equivalent of preparing a chocolate souffle for the soul. (Not that all chocolate souffle doesn't grace the soul with sublimity.) At any rate, I considered composing a sweet sonnet on the virtues of the ordinary. Ordinary days, ordinary people, ordinariness and the beauty thereof. Ironically, I can't concentrate on such a project because I'm too busy anticipating a break from the ordinary. Yep, a vacation. The first real one in a long time. 14 hour road trip to Don't Mess with Texas. And while I'd love to be able to tell all you non-vacationers to be happy at home, the truth is, I am relishing the prospect of getting out of town. So, instead of souffle, here's some macaroni and cheese, emergency numbers are by the phone, the babysitter will be over at six, you know the rules. I rented a movie for you, you can stay up an hour later than usual. She Will tell me if you misbehave. Time to paint The Road red.

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Carrie said...

Have fun! We'll look forward to tasting your truffles of travels when you get back! ;)