Friday, August 10, 2007

Picture Picture: lego imprints on the bottom of my feet

My little six year old heart gleefully soaked up Mr. Rogers, as I sat on the floor, feet out in front of me, eating raisins and watching my favorite neighbor steer me through factories. Want to know how crayons are made? You can watch brightly hued wax pour through molds. Ever wonder where sneakers came from? He'd feed the fish, take me to the Neighborhood of Make Believe, and then Mr. McFeely would deliver a tin of film and Picture Picture would show us shoelaces and rubber soles come together.
It is Lego's Birthday, and, as an accomplished Lego Professional/Conneisseur, I celebrate the milestone of one of my favorite playthings. Not that they're that distant in my past - living down the hall from a six year old boy, I still get occasional lego imprints on the bottom of my bare feet from time to time. Lately, legos have been multiplying in the shower.
Here's a tour of the process of the birth of a lego: now go play.

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