Monday, June 18, 2007

Red Lights, Red Carpet, Red Pimps

Since humans have organized ourselves into order, culture and government, there
has been a tension. Might makes right (I'm stronger, you serve me), or revolution
(look who's stronger now), or family (I'm the king's daughter, serve me) or party
(we are all stronger than all of you) all help form constitutions, revolts, crowns and
Enter 2008. Believe it or not, Paris Hilton will soon recede into the background, a
sad wash-up, while the media frenzy flies from the Rockies to the caucus, from West
Coast to Right Wing.
I am not writing about the elections.
Instead, comments are pressingly necessary about a scandal.
Oooh, that's different.
This scandal has more devastating effect than Bill's bimbo ever could have
wrought. Instead of involving two people, it - ahem - involves more.
Make sure your kids aren't looking over your shoulders.
The Republican party is in bed with the nation of China.
Speaking of Bill, he granted his favorite international brothel Favored Nation status, so
it's not just the Elephants that are the Johns, here.
It's so tragic. China still retains so much beauty. Her people are beautiful, her eyes are
beautiful. She has rich cultural history and grants delicacies like tea to appreciative
But China, like the children freed from her factories, has been in chains. The Wall that
was built to keep marauders out now stands as a stark reminder of what it means to
be kept in. She's been imprisoned far too long by dictators making profits of off her
citizens' hard work. The stench of dead communism is floating all the way to Darfur,
to Baghdad, through Iran. Bread ripped from impoverished villagers is being traded
for guns to point at Darfur refugees and coalition troops in Fallujah.
For the global community to support the Olympics scheduled to be held in Beijing next
year is unconscionable and absurd. Any terrors brutalizing Iraqis under Hussein are
matched in equitable ways by the consistent atrocities carried out on China's own
citizens by her own government. Anyone who thinks that supporting the Olympics will
help the common people of that nation doesn't keep up with the news trickling, pouring
and oozing out the Red Zone.
*Child slave labor
*Excruciating poverty in rural areas, where many citizens live
*Government-enforced abortions
*Arrests and imprisonments for years or decades with no trial
*No freedom of worship, speech or assembling (you can't meet together)
*Support of terrorists and genocide
But, after all, there is money to be made. The Olympics are a big draw, with global
viewership in the millions and, Beijing is hoping, the billions. Anyone who opposes the
Iraq war (unjust treatment of innocents, violence, bloodshed) should oppose the support
of the Chinese government. Anyone who supported the Iraq war (freedom from oppression,
dictatorship, and injustice) should oppose the support of the Chinese government.
But, after all, there is money to be made. Foreign tourists have a taste for the exotic,
as the sex trade in all of Asia shows more rapidly by the day. And after all, China's pimps
in Beijing have been very careful to make friends with Washington. More tea, D.C.?
The Red Pimps have been buying U.S. government bonds. Smart of them, diversifying their
portfolio like that.
There is, after all, money to be made.
Before you tune in to this year's big athlete, the opening ceremonies, and the national
anthem playing over the podium, consider that there are no Miranda rights spoken in Chinese.
The Chinese government has been prostituting its children, women and men for far too long.
Who will put out the red lights when the world steps out of its limo and onto the red carpet
of 2008?
Democrats were practically laughed off the stage for suggesting a vote to boycott the 2008 Olympics. I'm no red, white and blue donkey, but I will vote alongside anyone who calls for
an end to frequenting the services that communist pimps serve up so hospitably.
It's time we stop our addiction (ever heard of an embargo against Cuba?) and shine an
uncomfortably bright light into the abuses that reign in the land of the Ming Dynasty.
Write to your senators, representatives, governors, athletes, and anyone else looking to
profit from the lush suites, ad campaigns and media attention.
Saying yes to the 2008 Olympics is handing power to global pimps. Kick out the pimps.
Say no to Red Lights.

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