Monday, March 19, 2007

And one more dish

As a side dish, I must mention the one container I accidentally left in the fridge:
after very, very rarely getting pulled over, though I speed constantly, this past
week I got pulled over TWICE IN TWO DAYS. Result? Two warnings. I swear I didn't
bat my eyes. On the other hand, I also didn't argue. My wonderful friend Krista also
got pulled over recently, but then she also recently bought a cute orange car, so Krista,
you probably had it coming more than I did, I mean, seriously.;)

Cleaning out the fridge: Crumbs and Leftovers

As I reflect on how pitifully long it's been since I have let my fingers tapdance over a
keyboard, I feel as if I can only pull open the refrigerator door and poke and prod at foil covered mysteries. When one reviews a month and all it holds, it can have a similar effect. What's that? I didn't even remember MAKING that, yet here are the remnants to remind me. Oh, yes, that DID happen within the last month, eeww - mold is inhabiting a cute little Gladware container. So, as I am sure you are eager to do, let's clean out the fridge together.
Foil covered bowl, or, Yes, Drill Sergeant:
For slightly over a month I dated a former drill sergeant. As a matter of fact, that's only in the past tense as of today. Note: ladies, it might be a good idea to take extra long to examine the personality of an ex-military man. Only now am I wondering: hmm, experience in surveillance work, I sure hope he starts taking this better than he was earlier...It's difficult realizing that someone can have such a mix of desirable and avoidable qualities. Desirable: emotionally sensitive, loved to spend time together, good at practical servanthood and "courting", gentle with elderly people, used to be a personal trainer, good kisser. Avoidable: always overanalyzing, much more serious than I was, tendency to smother, way to quick to give me his entire heart lock, stock and barrel. Conclusion: good learning experience, appreciate how well he treated me, hope he doesn't get obsessive.
Gladware containing leftover pot roast:
NCAA season is here. I picked Florida for the Nat'l Champions, not so much because I wanted to but because I thought it the most reasonable guess. Thrilled at upset of Duke. Sad at early exit of Texas Tech. P.S. - On breaking up, had to ask for my brackets back. Ouch. Might not have been the most sensitive, but geesh - I wanted my brackets back!
Chinese takeout container shoved to the back of the shelf: Geriatric Nudity
So, as I've mentioned, a nursing home is a lot like a dorm. And like a dorm, there's a lot of nudity. Only instead of drunken nudity, it's senile nudity, which means it's not crass, but is slightly more frequent and unexpected. I inadvertantly witnessed 106 year old nudity recently. Let me just say that half of my job is being Noah's GOOD son - covering the nakedness of others who are unaware of their nakedness.
Doggie bag from expensive restaurant: grief and loss
My housemate's aunt died unexpectedly, forcing Angie and her son to travel for
a heartbreaking weekend. She is plagued with regret - her aunt was a lesbian who
died in her sleep. Moral of the story: tell the people you love - often - how much you
love them. Let them see Christ in you - often. Make sure your relationships are kept
up and tidy. Age is no guarantee that one will be alive tomorrow. Most of history attests
to that.
Zippie bag of fresh fruit: calisthenics
Before I go, a public service announcement: recently I got back into more frequent Jazzercising. Now, let me note: I thought before I began that Jazzercise was something old
people do while sitting in a wheelchair. It's actually the funnest workout I've ever participated in. That being said, I began going my regular 2-3 time weekly routine after slumping into a midwinter once a week habit. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. My emotions are on a (more) even keel, my stress is relieved in healthy ways, those pants will probably fit again, it ensures I TAKE TIME FOR MYSELF (ladies - are you taking time just for you?), I am revived by an estrogen-saturated atmosphere, and I know I am helping my body. Please, reach for some leftover watermelon or strawberries both in your fridge and in your life - it's such a great investment. Sesame Street said it best: Let's All Exercise. Pull on your legwarmers and give yourself a treat. Then, then, you can follow it up with half a pint of Ben and Jerry's.
Alright folks, thanks for holding the trash bag while I sort through the leftovers. Now that we're all tidy and caught up, we can focus on what is to come. Speaking of which, I need to go unload groceries. Tata for now.