Saturday, December 9, 2006

The Holly and the Queries

I wonder if airplanes can see lit-up Christmas lights festooning the houses below?

What will I look like when I'm 90? Where will my face sag? Will nurses glancing
at an old-fashioned color picture of my youth detect the same person smiling out at them? Will my eyes give it away?

To what are Christians most immediately called: general acts of kindness, shrouded in anonymity, or specific gestures of generosity accompanied by explicit references to the revelation of Christ? That is to say, must "servant" evangelism consist of water bottles on the 4th of July with a church flier stuck to it, or is a more micro servant approach favored, or does the church at large simply need both: those people who pay for the fast food order behind them in the drive through and speed away, and those who shovel a neighbor's walk and then invite them to church later in the week? 

Is generosity and servanthood a function of general revelation? specific revelation? or both? we as believers know grace generally through creation and specifically through the Holy Spirit in Christ. How do nonbelievers see the goodness we share? or is the question not how generosity and servanthood function as witness, but is it rather, what does the state of the recipient's heart have to do with how it is interpreted? ie, an open person may receive it as revelation of Christ, and a closed person may receive it as a random gesture of generosity fleeting as the act itself?

Okay, the mind is now duly festooned with holly and queries.
silent night.
holy night.
night that brought the end of sun's necessity, because, in the end,
all will be bright - without the light
of the sun.
sleep in heavenly peace.
piece of heaven - Holy Spirit -
be with you.


Keith Drury said...

Thanks for sharing that... a gift to all.

Carrie said...

Good queries, I might add!